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Hell In A Cell - Group Painting Exhibition


Marijana Mandusic, Michael Mogatas, and Patrick Klassen come together for a group "painting" show that'll hit you in the face like a folding chair. Only one of them will leave The Steakhouse holding the championship belt. Flash photography and fan signs encouraged. 

Match Summary:

Marijana Mandusic is more interested in painting nails than painting canvas. Issues/focus boil down to anxiety, depression, and binging on whatever is handy. Signature move - Sarasota Shin Smash.

Michael Mogatas Is an artist currently residing in Parts Unknown. His current work is a representation of his past and present processes of photography via screen printing and painting. His finishing maeuver is the knee to the face, the eyes and nose.

Patrick Klassen recently relocated his studio into his dank basement. Painting in the company of various species of mice and spider his work is now some sort of healthy mix of anthropomorphic paint sculpture and sewerman folk art. Signature move - Reverse Ratking wrap-up. 

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Poster by michael mogatas

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