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JAVA Script Workshop

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September is here and so it's a new Winnipeg.js event

We want to thanks Forth ( for hosting this event and SkipTheDishes for the food and drinks (

The event will take place at 171 McDermot Ave and starts at 6:30 PM (please be on time). During the event we'll have two talks and time to meet others.

This month we have 2 great speakers and talks!

1 - Hello, React Native - by Justin Stanley
Come meet React Native, React’s mobile child. Learn what it is, how it differs from React, and how easy it is to get started on your first mobile application using Expo.

About Justin Stanley:
Justin is a self-taught iOS developer who has a B. Commerce degree and learnt software development at Red River College. He works at SkipTheDishes on the Courier team developing the React Native apps and React website that food couriers use. In 2015 he created his own app BB Links on iOS in Swift, and earlier this year released a React Native version of the app for Android.

Twitter: @jstheoriginal

2 - Lightning talk
Sign up at the event for a 5 minutes talk to show what you're working on, learning or what ever you would like to share.

3- Automated Testing in JavaScript - by Michael Yagudaev
Automated Testing is an important tool of ensuring the quality and durability of software. Until recently however, writing tests in JavaScript has been so painful very few would go through the trouble. Thanks to modern tools like Jest and Cypress, this is no longer true. In this talk we will talk about how to write tests, the thinking behind tests and what level of test is appropriate.

About Michael Yagudaev
Michael runs Nano 3 Labs, a digital product development studio specializing in React, React Native and Ruby on Rails development. He has been writing code professionally for close to a decade now. He loves contributing to Open Source, building beautiful products and snowboarding. A University of Manitoba CS graduate and one of the early co-founders of Winnipeg.js.

Twitter: @yagudaev
Github: @yagudaev

As sometimes we might not have enough space to fit everyone we ask you that to drop your RSVP in case you know you won't be able to attend. This gives the opportunity for others to join.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you next Wednesday.
Winnipeg.js Team

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