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Merin w/ Veneer & Adam Fuhr (Yes We Mystic) at Forth


Merin is turning 1 so we're headlining a show with some excellent pals for a night of celebration and great hangs :)

In the past year, Merin has gone from Cole Zachary's basement pop project to a energetic indie rock quartet. Bridging the gap between noisy '90s nostalgia and sincere bedroom pop, Merin is ready to win you over.

trio of slippery auras found crunching and gliding into one, Veneer's tri-voice lullabies and languid grins will have each red solo cup dissolved into crimson plastic puddles. 

Adam Fuhr

Adam Fuhr is the lead singer in the band Yes We Mystic. He is currently co-nominated, along with Keegan Steele, for Songwriter of the Year at the Western Canadian Music Awards. 

Said of his solo set:

“Adam Fuhr’s vocal performances always exude intensity and evoke emotion, and tonight he showed that he can expertly structure and restructure a song, as his arrangements were simply beautiful. This fresh performance was absolutely one to remember.” - Ryan Haughey, Stylus Magazine