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Cluster 2018: Homescape Dreamscape



Our bodies melt into light and shadow, becoming no different than a lamp, a landscape, a lark...

Cluster partners with Forth to turn the space into a glitchy immersive environment made up of sound, light and performance. 

Projections by Jaymez warp the environment. Matthew-Robin Nye takes you into the depths of the building on a deeply personal exhibition tour about the connection between light, landscape, and memory. Hannah Heilmann patches us in to her Danish apartment late at night via digital streaming. She traverses multiple screens, creating small domestic sculptures as her baby (hopefully) sleeps in another room—a “momscape”. Local curator Janell Henry programs new performances by Bret Parenteau and PelmuSnowbird that merge movement, light, and sound to round out the evening. 

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10$ student / $20 adult
available online, at the door or at McNally Robinson