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FORTH Presents Matt Foster & Annie Sumi


Matt Foster (Crooked Brothers) & Annie Sumi have come together to put on this front-porch folk show at Forth in Winnipeg, MB. Joined by their friends Quintin Bart and Gabriela Ocejo, these storytellers will spend the night unraveling in front of you. 

$10 advance / $12 door

Matt Foster
Music sung and arranged for hurdy gurdy, acoustic guitar and voice.

The hurdy gurdy, an indescribable instrument from medieval times, haunts the songs with dark ghostly qualities - droning and rattling strange sounds that seem to come from elsewhere. A synth from before the time of synths. Lyrically, the songs are puzzles, stories and Polaroids snapped from the moments and moods where words have failed. 

Queer love. Love in cars and fields. Dying somewhere you’d want to die. The taste of a moment in a motel. Listening and hearing a lover and seeing them truly. The end of frustration. Saying it out loud. Pissing in the wind. NBD.

"Blackbird In The Snow could be my song of the year, it is perfection." - Jonathan Aird (AMERICANA, UK) 

Annie Sumi
Sumi is an Ontario-based ethereal-folk artist that plays with melodies inspired by the Canadian landscape.