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Dr. Francisco Ibanez- Carrasco: BDSM & The Politics of Consent


The Sexuality Education Resource Centre (SERC) presents a conversation with Dr. Francisco Ibanez-Carrasco: BDSM & The Politics of Consent.

What does consent look like in the context of Kink and BDSM? How has our changing understandings of privacy and confidentiality impacted our views of consent? Join SERC and Dr. Francisco Ibanez-Carrasco for an engaging and interactive discussion on the politics of consent in Kink and BDSM experiences.

Francisco Ibanez-Carrasco, PhD is an educator, community-based researcher and writer. This event will highlight his research at the Chicago Leather Archives and Museum on Kink play amongst gay adults.

6:30 PM - Meet & Mingle
7:00 PM - Event

This free event is open to all, including researchers, academics, students, service providers with an interest in sexuality and sexual health, as well as community members.