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We Are Not a Prize: A Black Discussion on Cultural Appropriation

On Tuesday evening June 27th, join us at Forth Cafe on McDermot. Our panel will be discussing their Afrocentric perspective on recent news around cultural appropriation in Canada. 

This event is, in part, brought about by the recent outrage caused by an article in a major Canadian magazine. The editor of the article stated that acts of cultural appropriation in writing should actually be praised in some form of a reward – an "Appropriation Prize." This same article was then published in their magazine's special issue dedicated to Indigenous writing.

Our discussion aims to unfold the effect of cultural appropriation in relation to the black experience, tackle misconceptions around the topic followed by an open Q&A session should time allow it.

Panel members:

Uzoma Chioma - Entrepreneur, Registered Psych. Nurse, former Team Canada Basketball Player & Founder of QPOC Winnipeg

Adeline Bird - Creator of Soul Unexpected & Author of the book "Be Unapologetically You: A Self-Love Guide for Women of Colour"

Alexa Potashnik - Racialized Student Commissioner, Radio Host of Raw Colours CKUW & Founder of Black Space Winnipeg

Keisha Mcintosh - Blogger, Activist, & Healthcare Support Worker

CJ Matombe - Congolese-Belgium QPOC Winnipeg Ambassador & LGBTTQ* community advocate

Kelechi Asagwara - Marketer, Visual Director, & Co-Founder of ÉZÈ Studio

Event Moderator:

Niasha Mckoy - Hair Stylist, Creative Director, & Co-Founder of ÉZÈ Studio