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Picture of Light

Canadian/Swiss filmmaker Peter Mettler’s goal of filming the Aurora Borealis, commonly known as the northern lights, is both a quest, a visual symphony and an extended metaphor. The journey begins with an train trip through the blustery snow scape from Winnipeg to Churchill, a community only accessible by rail or plane on the shores of Hudson Bay.[1]

A five-member crew, including Mettler, who appears in the film and provides the voice-over commentary, along with eccentric Swiss meteorologist, Andreas Zuest, who financed the film, camps out in a local motel run by a Croat immigrant populated by an odd collection of rugged Churchillian residents while they wait for the conditions to be right to capture the notoriously difficult lights on film.

An intellectual travelogue, the film examines the gulf between the knowable and ineffable. It is a cool meditation on nature, technology[2] and a remarkable visual postcard from a corner of the country few Canadians ever get to see for themselves. Mettler used time-lapse photography to capture the stunning, dancing lights, and among other things had to work in conditions so extreme, the camera had to be protected against temperatures dropping to minus 40 Celsius.[3]